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Why Kenfeng
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Kenfeng Seed regards the talented personnel as its first resource and is willing to provide a stage and growing space for the talented personnel in all walks of life to present themselves and make their talents applicable in their work. Every employee is encouraged to be well developed and feel proud to be part of Kenfeng, and to pass on Kenfeng spirit. 
Principle: Choose the right staff, Use the right staff, Educate the staff and Keep the staff. 

Choose the right staff: Moral quality as priority, proper working ability, not just education level. Choose the staff who love their job and have real working ability. 

Use the right staff: Let every staff make his full play at work. Self value is realized for the right staff at their right position. 

Educate the staff: Actively encourage the staff to self study, organize various training, continously enhance the general quality of the working staff. 

Keep the staff: Keep the staff by way of prosperous company business, competitive and encouraging salary and welfare, simple and harmonious win-win spirit, and an environment with various development path. 

Joint development for both the talents and enterprise can be realized via "Choose the right staff, Use the right staff, Educate the staff, Keep the staff".