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As known to all, because the rural residents live too scattered, small orders are the "obstacle" for distribution service, but in the long run Kenfeng Seed handles consumers’ demand and service in the first place and believes that present persistence is “sowing” for the future. Kenfeng Seed builds the distribution platform and constructs the delivery service network to cover the rural areas and the farm.

A grower who has received the seed delivered by Kenfeng delivery vehicle to his house told the author, “This is far more convenient than that I travel miles away to purchase the seed. It is saving time, saving labor, saving money, and having such a good service. It would be very easy and handy to buy your seed next time.”

At present, the delivery vehicles purchased by the Company have been put into use. The distribution service has been comprehensively upgraded. It changes the traditional distribution model. The Company does its best to ensure the last step of the sales work, implements Door-to-Door service to deliver the top quality seed to the growers. Kenfeng Seed takes Harbin distribution center as the heart, builds up 56 third-level distribution stations which are widely distributed to fill the distribution gap of urban and rural logistics, forms a perfect distribution network to ensure the safe and fast delivery of seeds and improves its service quality. 

Meanwhile, the Company adopts the marketing model of direct supply and direct sales.  Growers can purchase the seed to their satisfaction from Kenfeng official website of e-commerce which will go alive by end of this year and the price will be lower than the market retail price. From order confirmation to payment, from delivery to after sales service, one can easily buy his needed seed without leaving home. This reduces the seed purchasing cost, avoids the previously encountered difficult purchasing problem, as well as from the source eliminates illegal seed purchasing from illegal buyers via illegal channel and eliminates the phenomenon of bidding up the price. It standardizes the market and enables the growers to increase their yield and income as well as enjoy the convenient new distribution service.

Kenfeng Seed has always been adhering to the service concept of Sincerity, Good Faith, Attentiveness, and Professionalism. With its top quality products and service, Kenfeng Seed promotes food security and delivers a wonderful life. It has realized the qualitative leap from selling seed only to combination of selling seed and service. Hence, the Company builds its own distribution team, equips its own professional transportation fleet and service staff. It adopts the unified logistics distribution vehicles identified with an orange VI logo of Kenfeng Seed. The service staff is dressed in orange uniform overalls. Just by a glance of the shining orange color, the growers can tell the logistics distribution vehicles of Kenfeng Seed and soon enjoy the warm and thoughtful distribution service offered by the service staff. The Company is expected to put 30 new vehicles into operation by the end of this year. For the confirmed purchase orders, the nearest distribution station will be arranged for distribution service in order to improve its efficiency.  In the mean time, the Company’s Distribution Department constantly gains the experiences in the actual business service process and conducts its standardized construction to realize the integration of distribution center (station) warehousing and distribution business and to lay the foundation for providing a better delivery service.

Kenfeng Seed formed its Distribution Department in June 2013. In 2013 - 2014, the Distribution Department set up three second-level distribution centers and four third-level distribution stations in the regions where suitable varieties can be planted. In 2015, second-level distribution center at Suihua was established.  Up to date, taking Harbin as the main hub (distribution center), the Company has completed the construction of four second-level distribution centers and four third-level distribution stations. Its key distribution network has been basically formed. At the same time, according to the construction of distribution stations and development of E-commerce, the Company takes Harbin as the center, and from south to north, from center to both ends, the Company allocates and builds second-level distribution centers in a 100 – 300 km radius area, third-level distribution stations in a 10 to 50 km radius area and delivery points at last level of towns and villages. The Company has totally built up seven second-level distribution centers and 56 third-level distribution stations. Starting from 2015 and within three years, it is targeted to complete the construction of more than 60% of the distribution centers (stations) as planned and finish all planned tasks within five years. Till then, the Company will form a distribution network with Harbin distribution center as the heart, seven distribution centers as the main arteries and 56 third-level stations as the branch blood vessels, as well as many delivery points as the capillaries to maximize the role of the distribution system.

As the national team of China seed industry, Kenfeng Seed will strive its efforts to well do "the last kilometer service”, think big, start small, attention to details, to realize the growers’ demand as the goal, to satisfy the growers as the purpose. The Company uses its fastest delivery and the most considerate service team to serve the growers and friends with its brand-new logistics service experiences.