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43, 49, 572, 21000, 23000, these common numbers yet with special meanings, are the proof of Keneng’s sincerity to provide farmers with its technical service. These numbers are a microcosm of Kenfeng’s attentiveness and professionalism to provide farmers with its technical service. These numbers represent Kenfeng’s service concept of Sincerity, Good Faith, Attentiveness and Professionalism.

Starting from beginning of this April, the technical service team of Kenfeng Marketing Center has taken three months and travelled for more than 21000 km to provide a face-to-face technical service to 572 farmers in 49 cities and counties as well as 43 farms in Heilongjiang and east Inner Mongolia. The service area covers more than 23000 mu. Yet, this is only a small portion of the technical service among all many services provided to many friends and farmers. 

In the recent two years, Kenfeng Seed continuously perfects its technical service platform, establishes a grower-focus service system, completes its terminal service network, creates its service model and continuously replenishes the power and strength of technical service team. It has greatly enhanced the technical service quality, coverage, and timeliness, etc., and realized a leap development from selling seed to the combination of selling seed and selling service. Second level of Headquarters-Seed Shops technical service network is set up in local market. Third level of technical service network of Headquarters-regional branch companies-farm branch companies is formed. The Company perfects its technical service procedure and management policies to ensure a fast and prompt technical service to farmers. The Company improves its technical staff’s professionalism via internal training and exchange studies with outside companies in order to guarantee a more professional technical guidance to the farmers. In the meantime, the Company broadens its planting technology release channels and provides more platform for the farmers to promptly understand the planting technology in various stages by means of different measures including updating website, delivering newspaper and setting up Wechat platform, etc..

This year, the Company’s technical service team works very close with the technical personnel from regional branch companies, seed shops, farm branch companies and sales team to provide prompt technical guidance and create value for growers via advanced service method, diversified service mode and with the service attitude of Attentiveness, Professionalism, Sincerity and Attentiveness.

In the technical service, the technical team takes the terminal service network as the core and the network information platform as the auxiliary, collects data and information resources on climate, soil, mechanical equipment, technology level, yearly yield, and high yield technical measures, etc. in planting regions, comprehensively analyses various planting information and makes yearly proposal on planting technical guidance.

In the technical service, the technical team adopts modern media platform to timely release critical technology related to crop growth period. Wechat platform is the core to directly instruct and guide the growers in every stage. Internal media platform such as network and newspaper is auxiliary to provide technical key points to the growers via sales staff, seed shops and farm branch companies. 

In the technical service, the technical team collaboratively works along with terminal service personnel to call the growers for feedback. By doing this, the technical team gets better understanding on growers’ planting situation, tracks crops growth, and guides the growers for their technical operation at the next stage.

In the technical service, the technical team brings the growers to the demo fields. The growers learn the high-yield cultivation techniques by visiting the demo field, which makes the growers to learn and operate in their own field.  The technical team also promptly organizes the surrounding growers to be at the demo field for learning so that it could facilitate the growers to find out their weakness and improve their planting technology. 

In the technical service, the technical team provides the growers with more reasonable guidance while paying their visit to the fields and making face to face technical instruction. 

In the technical service, the technical team actively organizes various technical training. Cultivating technology is explained by illustration to help the growers be aware of their weakness in planting technology and improve their technical level by following the appropriate approaches. 

In this way, every day, each technical service person works hard with meticulous effort to provide growers with professional technical guidance. In this way, every day, each technical service person spends diligent efforts to accomplish Kenfeng service commitments. In this way, every day, each technical service person practices Kenfeng service concept with enthusiastic attitude – Sincerity, Good Faith, Attentiveness, and Professionalism.