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Xianhui Liu General Manager

Beidahuang Kenfeng Seed Co., Ltd.

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The predecessor of Beidahuang Kenfeng Seed Co., Ltd. is HLJ State Farm General Bureau Seed Company. Through several integration and restructuring, it is formed into the current company structure of mixed share ownership for social capital with state-controlled, chief manager and natural individual shareholders. After many years’ development, sales revenue of the company is 7 times increased comparing with when the company was set up. Total amount of profit is increased by nearly 8 times. The company has realized the growth of fission type in terms of scale and value. On January 27th 2015, it was successfully listed in the national small and medium enterprises shares transfer system and its total market value has reached nearly RMB Yuan 10 billion.

Seeds are important foundation for food security. In 2015, China has issued for 12 years the Central Government file No. 1 focusing on agriculture. Crop seed industry is the core of national strategic and fundamental industry. Therefore, the State Council issued the documents of supporting the development of seed industry for three consecutive years. It is committed to cultivate and develop the seed enterprises with integration of Breeding-Production-Distribution with strong core and international competitiveness. In such a period of seed industry reform and the important historical opportunity for the development of modern seed industry, Kenfeng Seed advances all relative work on a solid ground and realizes a leap development in terms of innovation work in products, technology, culture, business model and capital, etc..

Looking into the future, Kenfeng Seed will continue to be committed to the construction of 3+1 main structure, i.e. three major systems (the commercialized breeding innovation system as the core of research and development, the production and processing system with entire quality control as the core and the marketing system with comprehensive terminal service as the core) + management supporting institution (supporting and servicing headquarters). The Company will continue to launch the reform of system mechanism, use the capital market forces to constantly promote the company fast growth, and to realize the innovation and reform of business model via information technology, making capital market and information management become the important auxiliary wing of the company development, lock the international development as the target. The Company will strive to complete domestic and overseas seed industry layout within five years and march into the world seed industry.        

Creating value for the seed industry and agricultural development is a major responsibility of Kenfeng Seed. Kenfeng Seed stands ready to work together with its counterparts at home and abroad, and to seek the path of enterprises with strong competitiveness, to enjoy the reform policy, and to walk on the path of development and revitalization.